Bansang Hospital Appeal
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The Bansang Hospital Appeal is an award winning charity dedicated to improving healthcare delivery in a remote region of The Gambia. Since 1992, its founder (Anita Smith, MBE MRG) has dedicated her life to reversing its once terminal decline.

Baptist Union of Great Britain
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Click here for the website of the Baptist Union of Great Britain

Bible Sprout
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"Cultivate Your Faith!" “But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.” – 2 Pet 3:18

Blythswood Care
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Blythswood Care provides practical help, love and support for those in need. Whether through filled shoeboxes at Christmas, relief and development aid or social projects for young and old, Blythswood brings hope to families in Europe, Africa and Asia. For every £1 donated, Blythswood delivers more than £5 worth of grass roots aid. With the support of ordinary people like you, Blythswood achieves EXTRAORDINARY transformations and provides loving Christian care for body and soul.

BMS World Mission
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Click for the Baptist Missionary Society World Mission site. As a church we support the work of BMS World Mission.

Cats Eyes
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We are grateful to Steve from Cats Eyes at helping with transport for the Pop In. Please check out Steve's Driving School and Entertainment business -

Central Baptist Association
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Click here for the website of the Central Baptist Association

Christianity Explored
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Find out more about the course that we run to help people explore the Christian faith.

Church Edit
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Click here to find out more about Church Edit - the company that is facilitating our website.

Creation Ministries
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Creation Ministries

Facebook Group for Wollaston Baptist Church
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Click here for our Wollaston Baptist Church Facebook group and request to join.

Facebook Page for Wollaston Baptist Church
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Click here for the Wollaston Baptist Church Facebook Page

Girls' Brigade UK
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Girl's Brigade Ministries

GWALIOR Childrens Charity
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Gwalior Children's Charity which we as a church have supported in the past.

Mission Aviation Fellowship
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We are a lifeline to thousands of isolated communities. Imagine if your community had no roads and little access to the outside world. How would you or your family reach a doctor if you're sick or injured? How can you receive an education or job opportunities? This is the reality for millions of people. Jungles, mountains, swamps, insecurity and a dilapidated infrastructure are all barriers to receiving physical and spiritual care and a hope for the future. That’s why we fly. We are a Christian mission organisation that uses planes to overcome these barriers. Our pilots and personnel deliver relief workers, doctors, pastors, school books, food, medicines - everything that can only be safely and speedily delivered by air. With an MAF plane taking off or landing every three minutes, the need is huge. Will you partner with us?

Open Doors UK
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Open Doors is an international ministry serving persecuted Christians and churches worldwide. We supply Bibles, leadership training, literacy programmes, livelihood support and advocacy services. We also seek to mobilise the church in the UK & Ireland to serve Christians living under religious persecution.

Steve Thomson
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Steve the Juggler, along with juggling equipment, tricks, video clips. We have seen Steve in action - he is available for gospel juggling.

Torch Trust
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Christian resources and activities for blind and partially sighted people.

Website Editing
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Click here to edit the church website.