Wollaston Baptist Church Value Statements


We believe that our mission and purpose – to extend the Kingdom of God on earth as taught by Jesus Christ – is indissolubly linked with how we operate internally. The values, which we promote as a church/project, should be matched by those which we practice in what we do for others and ourselves. The link between who we are and what we do cannot be broken.


We believe that our purpose – to extend the Kingdom of God on earth as taught by Jesus Christ through our activities – flows out of our desire to work towards the same for itself as a church/project. The love and care with which we serve others should be authenticated by the same love and care which we have for each other.


We believe that we should be open and transparent about our beliefs and the link between our beliefs and our mission in matters of publicity, fundraising, employment etc.


We believe that all we have comes from God and that we should exercise wisdom, integrity and responsibility in using the resources entrusted to us.

United effort by Christians

We are committed to maintaining our distinctively Christian ethos by ensuring that Christians, as volunteers and staff are appointed to those positions which we have agreed, require Christians to fill them.


We believe that we have a duty to maintain our Christian distinctiveness by recruiting those who are committed to Christ’s teaching about the Kingdom of God. However, at the same time we want to embrace the values of inclusivity and diversity by welcoming, where appropriate, those of other faiths and those of none.

Servant leadership

We believe in working, where appropriate, through partnership with other churches, other Christian organisations and other voluntary and statutory agencies.

Values about people


We affirm the God-given value of each person and believe in the equal value of all. We stand for respect and freedom for everyone and tolerance and understanding between people of different opinions.


We believe that as we serve others we learn as much about ourselves and our relationship with God as we do about the work.


We believe that God created people in His image, to be whole human beings and to flourish. We believe that well-being should characterise our lives as volunteers and staff and wherever else we belong and participate.


We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to develop and change, realising their potential and thus make a full contribution to the church/project and to society in general. We believe that as we grow and change, not only are we transformed but also the world around us. We believe that everyone is a learner and should be encouraged, supported and challenged to become who he or she can be. Learning who we are in God is as important as learning how to do the job.

Values about the way we work

Commitment to each other

We believe that a tolerant society is one in which people of different opinions can live together in peace. In working together to deliver the work of the church/project we want to endeavour at all times to trust one another, being patient and forbearing. We should work at paying attention to the way we speak to one another, attempting to listen well and, even when it is uncomfortable to do so, being able to confront difficulties carefully and with compassion.


We believe that each person has his or her own part to play and contribution to make to the whole. It believes that every opportunity should be taken to exchange views so that we can improve our understanding of ourselves and of one another and of the work we do.


We believe that a healthy community is one to which people feel that they belong. Within this church/project we are committed to the same way of life where volunteers and staff experience a sense of belonging to and identity with the church/project. We believe that successful delivery of our mission happens when people feel they belong and have a role, where inclusive community and a family atmosphere are fostered.


11th Feb 2016

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