There are 4 photo albums.

  • Old to New Church (11 photos)

    Pictures of the old church building (Pre 2012) and some pictures of the building process, leading to the new church in 2012

    WBC new church building 2

  • Children's activities (2 photos)

    Children's activities

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    Easter Sunday picture (example)

  • Scarecrow trail 2019 (13 photos)

    Just some of the scarecrows produced for the Scarecrow Trail held on 19th October 2019.

    Winning scarecrow was 'Humpty Dumpty'

    Good fun for all who attended and an opportunity to celebrate the creative gifts that God gives people.

    Scarecrow trail - On the theme of nursery rhymes and fairy tales

  • Taste & See Summer Fair 2019 (4 photos)

    Some photographs taken at the Taste and See Summer Fair.

    A free and open to all event that focused on God and Jesus in different ways. The event included free food and drink along with fun games, excellent performances (live music and juggling) and various aspects of Christian art.

    Steve the Juggler

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