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16th May 2021

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Baptist Assembly service broadcast and communion in church
We will meet at church and join together in watching the 'Sunday Worship for all' broadcast from the Baptist Assembly, including the induction of Revd Geoff Colmer as the new BUGB president and an address given by Shane Claiborne. After the address, we will have our own celebration of communion, led by Dean Clark-Peasey.

If you are unable to be at church in person, the link to the Baptist Assembly Sunday worship broadcast will be available on the BUGB website (see below). After the address, at about 11.30am, we will then start our own live stream (available on the home page of our website as usual) and you will be able to join in with the communion at home.

In the unlikely event that we start the live stream before 11.30am, you will be able to scroll back to the beginning of the video (using the slider at the bottom of the screen) if it has already started when you join us.


Prayer meeting, upstairs at church
6:00pm- 7:00pm
All are welcome to join in with our monthly prayer meeting, upstairs at church. On this occasion, we are unfortunately unable to provide a Zoom link, but if you are not able to be there in person, please do pray at this time where you are, using information on the weekend prayer sheet, as well as praying for any other needs you are aware of.


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